Eat a rainbow assortment of fruits and vegetables

Sometimes it’s difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables, but try to make the effort to start to increase your fruit and vegetables intake by eating from different boxes each day and feel the difference!
Red Dark Green Yellow and Light Green Orange Purple
Apples (red) Artichokes Apples (green or yellow) Apricots Aubergines
Bell Peppers (red) Asparagus Avocados Bell peppers (orange) Beetroot
Cherries Bell peppers (green) Bananas Butternut squash Blackberries
Cranberries Broccoli Bell peppers (yellow) Cantaloupe melon Blueberries
Grapefruit Brussels sprouts Bok choy Carrots Cabbage (purple)
Grapes (red) Collard greens Cabbage Mangoes Cherries
Radishes Cucumbers Cauliflower Oranges Currants
Plums (red) Grapes (green) Celery Papaya Grapes (purple)
Strawberries Green beans Courgettes (yellow) Pumpkin Onions (red)
Tomatoes Honeydew melons Fennel Sweet potatoes Plums (purple)
Watermelon Kale Kiwifruit Yams Radishes
Leeks Lemons
Lettuce (dark green) Lettuce (light green)
Mustard greens Limes
Pears Onions
Spinach Pears (green or yellow)
Swiss chard Pineapple
Turnip green Squash (yellow)
Examples of oily fish: Examples of non-oily fish:
Salmon Haddock
Trout Cod
Mackerel Halibut
Herring Sea Bass
Sardines Hake
Fresh Tuna Tinned Tuna
Pilchards Plaice
Eel Coley